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August 15, 2008

Expert Advice-7 Design Dilemmas (and How to Solve Them)

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Today i saw some very useful articles: Expert Advice from Kenneth Brown.
Kenneth Brown is the host of ReDesign, on HGTV. i think his a magic designer who can change a plain room to amazing! Let’s share his thoughts.


How? What? Where? Help!

Every day, I hear these words from frustrated people tackling home design projects. If you’re stumped on a project, e-mail me at askkenneth@live.com. Although I won’t be able to answer everyone, I will select a few of the more common questions to answer in my regular column.

Dilemma: What is the first piece I should buy when designing a room?

Solution: The first thing I recommend is finding something that inspires you — preferably something affordable that will ultimately be placed in the room you’re designing. Once you have this piece, it will help you define the look you’re after. I’ve worked with clients who asked me to use a hand-painted teacup or a colorful throw to start their design. I also think artwork can be a great first step. By starting with a painting or sculpture that inspires you, you’ve made the biggest step toward defining the style you want to achieve!

Dilemma: How high should I hang my drapes?

Solution: I always recommend hanging drapery 8 to 10 inches above the window. If you don’t have that much space, then hang them halfway between the top of window and the ceiling.

Dilemma: I am a renter and not allowed to paint — what can I do with my white walls?

Solution: The easiest way to add color to your walls is through art. Typically, large abstract paintings are the best way to bring in color. Even if you have a small room, large abstract paintings always work. If you have a very large wall, buy two of the same painting and hang them side-by-side.

Dilemma: My kitchen is stuck in the 50s and I can’t afford to replace the cabinets. What can I do to bring it into 2008?

olution: Paint is your friend! Consider painting your cabinets in two tones. I like to use a cream color for upper cabinets and a darker olive green for the base cabinets. This will break up the monotony and add life to your kitchen. Also, update your cabinet knobs — simple decorative elements can make your cabinets feel brand-new.

Dilemma: I have old, stained carpet and can’t afford to replace it. How can I take the attention away from my floors?

Solution: To keep your eye visually balanced in a room, you have to think about what is happening at eye level. One thing you can do is paint your ceiling a warm color (but lighter than the walls) so that your eye feels balanced between the floor and ceiling. Also, avoid overhead lights that shine directly onto your stained carpet. Bring in lamps for tables and especially uplights. Create dramatic shadows on your ceiling by up-lighting a plant in a corner. Another idea is to arrange your furniture so that your pieces create an L shape with a large coffee table anchoring the arrangement. This will help take attention away from anything on the floor.

Dilemma: My bathroom is one of those old, sterile, hospital-like rooms. I want to make it feel like a spa — HELP!

Solution: Here are a few things you can do. Replace your mirror with a wood framed one. This will warm up the space. Hang it on the wall with a regular art hanger. If you have a window, place a bamboo blind over it. By filtering the light coming in, you’ll create a soothing mood. To hide an old ugly shower door, install a beautiful curtain on a rod. If you have a tub/shower, hide the typical plastic shower curtain with a regular curtain and rod. Place a wood tray on the counter with jars of bath salts and candles. If you feel like painting, don’t be afraid to go darker than normal. The warmer the color, the more flattering you’ll look in the mirror. Install dimmers on your lights. Bring in your favorite color with new towels, and never be afraid to hang art on your bathroom walls.

Dilemma: I love to host dinner parties, but can never find the right centerpiece. Any suggestions?

Solution: I love to use groupings of the same object. My favorite solution is to take five small vases and alternate candles and fresh flowers. You can then place these randomly on the table, which always works best when you fill the table with food, plates and drinks. They can make any table look alive.


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